Monday, January 26, 2009

I can check your neighborhood!

Did you know that East Valley Inspections offers homeowners and Realtors an EDR...that's an Environmental Data Report. What exactly is that, you wonder? Well, it's a handy report that you can use to find out what environmental events have happened in the area of your home. Such events might be a leaky underground tank. Wouldn't you like to know if some petroleum is leaching into the soil that your child is playing with in the backyard? Or how about Radon? It can leach into your soil and also make it's way into your home through cracks in your foundation...wouldn't you like to know if you and your family and your pets are breathing it in so you can make changes like adding a HEPA filter to your home environment?
The way real estate transactions are being handled lately, full disclosure is a crucial part of the process. Call us today for your EDR report. Most reports can be e-mailed to you within the hour.